Attention Property Managers - Maintenance Manger is here...and so should you be...

IPH Lawn and Garden is now partnered with Maintenance Manager.


Streamline your customers property garden services from your customers, straight to IPH Lawn and Garden for guaranteed service, quality outcomes and no-risk engagement.


Free quotes.  Fixed prices.


Shared customers.

 shared goals.

shared success.


Doesn't get any better than that. 


Get in touch, we're ready.

Ian P Hendry,

IPH Lawn and Garden


Updated Website! A candid bloggy thing...

IPH Lawn and Garden is proud to launch it's updated website! It's kind of our thing in winter.  While listening to Ed Sheeran....or Oasis for you like minded 90's kids.

We understand that our online presence is a major touch point with our new and existing customers.  We love to share our business with you and appreciate you clicking over to our page.

We aim for one thing.  Happy customers.  We believe that lawn care and garden maintenance should be delivered in such a way that provides you with assurances and confidence, and a fantastic job. We literally wear our brand on our sleeve, and we continually strive to maintain excellent customer relationships. No matter the size of the job, we value you. 

So much so, that we like you to not even notice us.  We come and go, we do the job right while you're taking care of your end of things.  Then you can pay online with your debit card or bank transfer because we email you the invoice as we drive away.  Makes sense, right?  Convenient for busy lives.  Cash?  Not generally. It's a bit old skool and costs a fair bit for you to get it and a fair bit for us to process it.  Being cashless, everyone wins. 

With our updated website, we hope you catch the vibe we're throwing out.  We have a trusted reputation that has been earned and we aim to keep earning it.  IPH Lawn and Garden is all about great results.  We love what we do, we love our business and we love our customers...and dogs...we love dogs...and coffee...we love coffee...a lot.

Browse around and take a look.  We hope you like it, and we would love you to reach out and say "Hi!"

Let us take care of things, it's what we do. :-)